dilatation seals

Dilatation seals , also known as expansion joints or expansion seals, are specialized structural components used in construction and engineering to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction of building materials, pipelines, and various structures. These seals are designed to prevent damage caused by temperature-related movements by allowing controlled movement and flexibility while maintaining a barrier against the intrusion of moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. Here are key aspects and common uses of dilatation seals: **Characteristics and Features:** 1. **Flexibility:** Dilatation seals are highly flexible and can absorb and accommodate movements caused by temperature fluctuations, settling, or dynamic loads. 2. **Waterproofing:** They provide an effective barrier against the intrusion of water, preventing moisture-related damage and maintaining the integrity of the structure. 3. **Noise Reduction:** Some dilatation seals have noise-reduction properties,

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